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Who is Property Friends TN?

We specialize in buying Nashville houses “as-is” so you will never have to make a single repair, pay for fees, or pay realtor commissions. What sets us apart? We actually followed through and bought the house. Owe any property tax liens, or are you even in court? We can help. Let us step in and solve your problem.

The traditional home selling process simply does not work for many Nashville sellers these days. You see, when selling your house with a realtor, or even for sale by the owner (FSBO), many times the buyer of that home will expect the house to be move-in ready.

In other words, they will expect you to make all the necessary repairs before even making an offer. Unfortunately, as a seller, you almost always have to pay the buyer’s realtor commissions in addition to your own. You also have to cover the closing costs.

So, it is imperative to understand that you do have options when selling your house…

With Property Friends TN, we will never require you to make costly repairs or pay any fees. Does your house barely stand no matter what condition it’s in? Whether it’s foundation issues, a leaking roof, or black mold, we can handle it. Since we are not realtors, we don’t charge commissions on the closing.

Using this home selling process, you will still be able to sell your house even if it needs repairs, and you will be able to put cash in your pocket in 21 days.

To learn more about our company and get a cash offer on your home, please fill out the form below or call us at (629) 206-4166

Thank you so much and we look forward to helping you with the sale of your home.

Here to help,

Your Property Friends TN.

What Customers Say About Us?


Amy K.

If you looking for someone who goes above and beyond, I have one for you! I worked with Josephine and her team for a long time and she is always very responsive and patient with me. I love how she was always available even before or after the closing deal.
Elvira Shagulyamova

Elvira S.

Always the best , when it comes to real estate needs. You cannot find any problems she makes it go so easy that makes you want to house hunt all the time !
Alyson Straight

Alyson S.

This was the best selling experience I've ever had from start to finish! I found Josephine's information from another house that sold quickly in our neighborhood, and I'm so glad I did. She is exceptionally competent, knowledgeable, and truly had the client's best interest in mind with every recommendation and decision! From the market research to the listing photos and negotiations, Josephine handled everything so that our involvement was minimal and low stress. I'd highly recommend Josephine!
Allen Ashley

Katie D.

Josephine helped sell a property in North Nashville for us and by far exceeded our expectations. The entire process was handled remotely as we don't live in the area anymore and she made my business partner and I feel connected with out interests a top priority throughout every step of the process.
Rod Wimmer

Rod Wimmer

I recently sold my property (a little house on a large lot) to Property Friends TN even though I had not put it up for sale. I had been receiving very underwhelming offers from others on a regular basis for the past three or for years--all of them expressing interest in my "little house."But my interaction with Property Friends TN was very different. They began the conversation by acknowledging that because of the location and size of the lot my property was very valuable. There first offer was very fair and it wasn't long before we had an agreement that I was very happy with.Thanks Josephine and Jeret.

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