Tennessee Foreclosure Laws 2022

Tennessee Foreclosure Laws 2023

Last Updated: 4/ 11/ 2023 Foreclosure is a process that can occur to a homeowner who is unable to make a mortgage payment. Tennessee’s foreclosure peaked during the Great Recession, but there are always tricky times, and people can withstand the challenge. The foreclosure process deviates from state to state but usually begins with a […]
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Sell a House Having Bad Neighbourhood in Tennessee

6 Tips to Sell a House Having Bad Neighborhood in TN

Last Updated: 4/ 12/ 2023 You can sell a house plagued by noise, garbage, or antisocial behavior by your neighbor in Tennessee, which caused you to consider moving. But be mindful that selling a house in a bad neighborhood is never easy. First, the face-to-face discussion often results in an amicable resolution of issues that […]
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Sell Condo Fast tennessee

How to Sell Condo Fast in Nashville?

Last Updated: 4/ 11/ 2023 Want to sell Condo fast? Indeed, a quick property sale is easy if you have a perfectly refurbished unit with parking and a complete basement in the fashionable Nashville neighbourhood. This year has proven an excellent market for home and condo owners. Despite steadily rising home prices across the country […]
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sell a house with water damage in Nashville

How to Sell a Water Damaged Home in Nashville?

Last Updated: 04/ 12/ 2023 Statistically, humans have mastered sandbags and other flood protection techniques, but nearly 98% of Nashville homeowners need to deal with some degree of water damage. In Nashville, insurance companies pay up to $8 M daily to cover water claims. These statistics bring all kinds of water damage to the structure […]
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avoid foreclosure in nashville

3 Top Ways to Avoid Foreclosure in Nashville, TN

Last Updated: 4/ 11/ 2023 As the economy picks up and the housing market starts to rebound, foreclosures are on the rise in the Nashville area. In fact, in the past three years, foreclosures in the area have increased by 70 percent! Foreclosure is a stressful experience for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for young […]
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