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– HantekBE Series – Hantek Electronic & Your testing solution provider

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I also tried the drivers that come with the software downloaded from the same linkthey claim to be the same version, but are different size files and signed and dated frombut also don’t work. Furthermore, the manual does not explain the button on the thing marked H or P, depending on which the device identifies differently to Windows.

I figured out this адрес to be in H for the drivers to even be detected. What is здесь for?? The driver may be corrupted or missing. Try installing 602be program again hantek 6022be windows 10 driver download the original installation hantek 6022be windows 10 driver download or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for hantej. Error status 0xThe zipfile the drivers came from was not corrupted but I’ve re-downloaded just in case.

Try to do this: Open the Windows Device Manager and mark the option “Show hidden devices” in “View” menu and then remove all Hantek drivers that you see when you are deleting a device form the list, make sure to check the option “uninstall driver”.

Unplug an plug the device again to confirm that there is no driver doanload in the system. Жмите you see only the yellow exclamation mark, download the latest drivers from Hantek and manually install the Win 10 driver in the Windows Device manager right click on the device and select “update driver”. Also try to plug the device in a different USB port and make sure that both hantek 6022be windows 10 driver download of the USB cable black and red are plugged.

Regarding the button at the back, it is simple: keep it pressed H position to use the oscilloscope with Hantek’s USB driver doqnload software. Перейти на источник the button in the position P unpressed the device will use the fx2 usb driver, this way источник can use the Saleae Logic software for the logic analyzer limited to only 8ch but way better and much more useful than the original software.

You need to unplug and plug the device againto the usb port every time you press the button for it to work. And refer to this post to update the driver for windows Error status 0x” I’m going to return it.

Han Publish time Sir,please wait,Hantek will try to solve your problem Robert Publish time Edited downkoad Robert at any driver which I downloads will not sucesse to update the driver foe Win Please advise how do it? If hantek 6022be windows 10 driver download can, please connact перейти на страницу adapter 5V 2A to the red connector of the usb cable.

Second, connect the scope to your computer via the USB cable. Pay attention to the sequence of operations. And then open the device manager of your computer, right click the unknown device, select Properties. And give me a screenshot of the Hardware ID as the following picture.



How to install PC Oscilloscope (Hantek BE) on Windows 10 and 11 | カーエレクトロニクス.com / .


Quote from: Fabio on January 05, , am. Quote from: Microcheap on February 07, , am. I also testet the available Saleae-software with my BL, versions 1. All 8-channel-versions Logic 8 worked, none else , esp. The Logicversion are running but when aquiring data it reports that the data-rate is to high, but it says the same also with the lowest data-rate. Maybe it works with an older LogicVersion, but the oldest version availabe on the Saleae-homepage ist 1.

Some days ago I got my BE. The OpenHantek program works quite good but I found out that the displayed voltages are quite inaccurate. So I cloned the git repo and added the possibility to put calibration values into a simple text config file that is read at program start. I’ve also sent a pull request but unfortunately the original project is unmaintained at the moment. Hi Charles, I’m also about to modify the input stage of my B. Your approach is ok as long as you don’t want to measure small voltages, because you lose resolution.

As I use the device with linux only I’m able to change the program. Ciao, Martin. Note: I remove the post about the modification because the modification had not been tested and I have sold the unit.

I decided that the be didn’t fit my needs. Hi Horo, Ciao, Martin I could add a jumper or a switch to select which side of the 90K ohm resistors would be used for the input for the ADC AD then the factory mode or the modified mode could be selected. The problem is that I need to scope in 50v to 75v range and that is above the factory x10 probe voltage limit. I’ll take a look at the links you provided.

Sinking more money into this scope may not be a good path to follow. I’m thinking about chipping out the money and replace it with something better. Thanks for comments. BTW: Which software do you use? OpenHantek, has not work for me, I tried it on one computer with 64 version of Windows.

The other two software programs I run on a old desktop and a old laptop using Windows XP and Windows 7 32bit. Zeppola Newbie Posts: 1 Country:. Hi there, this is my first post in this forum I’m trying to post-process the data generated in.

On the other hand, the. Any reason for not having both parameters in these files? Otherwise, is there a way to determine the time resolution between 2 samples using either the.

Thanks in advance. This approach has the advantage to use a stable base and most important to have a valid code base for BL – the exotic one of the twins. The following users thanked this post: Microcheap , MomirPeh , raxis Hi, My active branch has moved to the OpenHantek project on github to bundle all activities in one place.

Now you can e. Works on linux and macOS. The following users thanked this post: MomirPeh , raxis Another big step: OpenHantek now only supports BE and BL, all older devices , , and have been removed because I don’t own any of these devices and can’t test them.

Also, these devices behave very differently in USB communication and require a variety of switch cases and defines and inflate the code unnecessarily. The good result is that OpenHantek is now completely free open source – all nonfree Hantek firmware is now removed.

New feature: A check box for the included X10 probes, now the measurement and display doesn’t have to be converted anymore – a simplification especially for hobby users and beginners. Martin P. It also ensures the loading of the up-to-date firmware if an older firmware was uploaded previously into the scope RAM e.

Hi, v2. It’s not a real AC mode missing due to stupid HW limitation but allows to have a better look at small AC signals with moderate DC offset, see attached screen shots of a 2. I checked also the windows build in a virtual W7 machine and it doesn’t show obvious glitches beside the slower performance due to virtualisation.

Have fun Martin. The following users thanked this post: raxis Unfortunately the FFT function included in the Hantek software has several problems horizontal axis is badly defined in frequencies, peaks values of frequencies are unreadable Chance made me discover your OpenHantek software, which seem particularly interesting. Please excuse-me for my poor english, and thank you by advance for your help. Hi, My previous problems with libusb These two files were corrupted. I have installed LibusbK using zadig Then i shut down the computer and restart.

OpenHantek-Win-xRelease-b67 had been installed before. Every thing up to now seem OK. To morrow, i will begin the tests, and i will give you more information later. Hi raxis13, I’m happy to read that you found a solution.

I also checked the Zadig solution some days ago on a virtual win7 test installation and now found some time to rework the documentation on github accordingly. Please test and report, I’m also interested in your opinion about the FFT and signal processing because you mentioned that you don’t like Hantek’s original software that I don’t know as I do not use windows. Hi Martin, I needed to insert images into my reply, but I am not familiar with the post, so i produce a pdf file that i attached to my post.

OpenHantek Reply to Martin Hi Raxis13, Thank you for testing so thoroughly! It also uses the Hantek drivers. The user interface did not fly well with me and the screen kept flickering, which made me not investigate any further.

I might not be doing it justice, best have a look yourself. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows , where it is a little bit more effort to get it working cause it needs another driver. The installation of which is made easy with the Zadig app. See the instructions on the Zadig site, or look here. An extensive user manual is available here. It needs a fx2lafw driver that can be installed via Zadig , just follow the instructions on the Zadig site.

I was hoping someone could clarify a few things about this scope for a novice. I am stuck on the intermediate stage and thought a cheap scope may help me figure things out. I think the scope would do those as its rated at 20 MHZ.

Could someone please confirm. My major concern is the voltages. The radio generates as high as volts AC. Would a x probe protect the scope and the PC? Thanks in Advance!

Like Like. Hey, I downloaded openhantek for mac, and when I try to open it keep closing and not even show the interface. As it is a generic linux program it also uses the linux driver approach libusb and not the original Hantek win-only driver. Nevertheless it works also under macOS and windows but uses also there the libusb driver.

Therefor I forked it as OpenHantek and dropped the support for Hantek 2xxx and 5xxx. I develop under linux but the program is also working under win and mac. For better performance of your Hantek I would propose not to check the deprecated version as seen on your screen shot above but go either to openhantek.

Thanks for the info Martin. I will modify the post accordingly, but maybe you can help demystify something first though. The openhantek version I used, I got via the openhantek. You now say to scroll down on openhantek. When I do that, at the bottom I click the releases link … that brings me to a version b Alternatively, when I click the last link in your message and from there click download untested windows build I get to a version b It is all quite confusing. In my book b sounded like the latest version, but that may not be the case?

The site openhantek. Both live at github. As written elsewhere I as well as the oh developers use Linux for the development and testing because at least I have a HantekBE that I want to use with my computers. Hi Martin, thanks for your explanation. It would probably help most visitors if somehow this distinction and the accompanying links would be as clear as your explanation about OH and OH is. I have in the meantime modified the blog post and I can say that OH quickly became my preferred app on Windows.

An important distinction is that OpenHantek OpenHantek will run under Linux, and is the only one I know of that will. I was lazy about making multiple interfaces that work under different windows versions. The general scope user can do much better with one of the other software choices, but for what I need to do, it serves well, and fixes the the triggering problem with the inbox software.

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